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Hey. I copied a template, but do not be out on the right side Skabelon:NyKommune. Accidentally if you know what he should be added? --Bulgarian 24. maj 2014, 19:00 (CEST)

Fakta om Hu1
Region: [[Region {{{Region}}}|{{{Region}}}]]
Areal: {{{Areal}}} km²
Indbyggere: Ugyldig Metadata-Nøgle {{{Kommunekode}}}-00{{{Kommunekode}}} pr. 2014
Befolkningstæthed: Fejl i udtrykket: Uventet <-operator. (Indbyg. pr. km²)
MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Common.js must be copied.
If you copy all files from MediaWiki, you can not be wrong. Hu1 24. maj 2014, 20:59 (CEST)
Thanks! But here these pages are protected and do not have the power to edit them. --Bulgarian 24. maj 2014, 21:29 (CEST)
There are only 4 pages there: Loginprompt Portal Recentchangestext Sitenotice - you do not need modify these.
You can copy Common.* and others there. Hu1 24. maj 2014, 22:29 (CEST)
I'll try, but do not know if I. --Bulgarian 25. maj 2014, 10:49 (CEST)